Jeffrey C. O’Brien of Chestnut Cambronne PA and Candace L. Moon, The Craft Brewery Attorney, have reached agreement to co-author “Brew Law 101: Minnesota Edition”, with publication expected sometime in 2017.  The book will be designed as a comprehensive guide to the myriad of legal issues – both federal and state – that prospective brewery owners face as they start their business.  Moon and her colleague, Stacy Hostetter, have previously authored “Brew Law 101: California Edition” in 2015.  Both firms belong to the Craft Beer Attorney Coalition, which Ms. Moon founded in 2016.

Brew Law 101: Minnesota Edition will be a collaborative work following in the spirit of the craft beer industry, and will draw upon the experiences of both attorneys to create a practical and indispensable guide for new and existing breweries alike.  The book will also feature the stories of several of Minnesota’s best craft breweries.

Candace L. Moon is an attorney and founder of The Craft Beer Attorney (“CBA”), a California-based firm that has spent the last seven years dedicated to advising the craft beer industry. CBA actively serves over 200 craft beer breweries, including breweries in planning nationwide. Ms. Moon got her start in the liquor industry while bartending at the world-famous craft beer bar, Hamiltons, while attending law school in San Diego.

Jeffrey C. O’Brien is a partner with the Minneapolis based law firm of Chestnut Cambronne PA practicing in the areas of business and real estate law.  Mr. O’Brien has been working with craft breweries in Minnesota and beyond since 2009.  Presently he represents over 50 craft breweries, distilleries and cideries.  He is also a frequent author, commentator and speaker on issues pertaining to craft beverages and liquor laws in general.

For more information, contact Jeffrey C. O’Brien at (612) 336-1298 or Candace L. Moon at (619) 749-4115.